June 16, 2016

What God Taught Us Through the Death of Our Son ~ Part 2

Today, on the 6 year Anniversary of our son's birth, we are sharing part 2 of this series. Last week we shared part 1 of this post; you can read it here. And now 3 more things that God taught us through the death of our son...

About looking forward to heaven...
Once you have a loved one in heaven, you begin thinking about heaven in a new way. After Mason's death I wanted to know more. What does the Bible tell us about heaven? What truths could I rest on now that someone who holds such a special place in my heart is in heaven?

I am very thankful for "Safe in the Arms of God" and the books written by Randy Alcorn on heaven. These books helped Chris and I, and our children, learn how wonderful heaven will be and they've helped us to look forward to the time when we will once again will be reunited with Mason. It is a joy to know that Mason is in heaven, free from this world of sin, living with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Sin is hideous but God and His grace is more than sufficient to carry you through the hard times....
Death exists because sin exists.
Our real enemy is sin, Satan, hell, and death, and Christ is the only one who can conquer these terrible enemies.
God's Grace comes to us in many forms (His Word, His Spirit, friends, family, etc) and He is sufficient to provide all that we need to live a life that glorifies Him.

It's good to mourn your loss and it's good to remember your loved one; and everyone will do this a little differently...
When you lose a loved one there are many raw emotions. How each person mourns a loss is going to look different from person to person. I remember during the 4 days that Mason was with us, and the weeks following his death, that the hardest time for me was at night, before going to sleep, and early morning, when I woke up. There were many tears shed during those hours.

I know that for Chris it was really hard the first time he did things agin: The first time he went back to work, the first time back to church, the first time leading worship, etc.

For me it was hard, as time went on, that Mason no longer filled my every thought. I knew how to love my girls, who were a part of my daily life, but how do I love this baby, who I love so much and who is no longer a part of my daily life? It was hard to let go of him and return to life without him.

This mourning process is going to look different for each person. It is not wrong to cry a lot, it is not wrong to need time alone, it is not wrong to need time to think and sort everything through. I would encourage you, in your grief, to keep clinging to the Lord and the truth in His word. I would also encourage you, if you are married, to not let this loss push you away from your spouse. You need to help and encourage each other during this time; you need the love and support you will find in one another.

Each year on Mason's birthday we try to do something special to remember him. We enjoy letting the girls plan out what we are going to do. Each birthday has looked a little different, but each year we take time to look through his photo album and go through all the items in his memory box.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. We pray that as you walk this hard road of loss you will be drawn to Christ and find rest and hope in him.

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