If you are here after receiving a copy of "Safe In the Arms of God" by John MacArthur, we want to welcome you! We are praying for you. Our hearts ache for the loss of your little one. We pray that this blog will be a help to you as you walk this new hard road.

We will occasionally be putting new posts up that we hope will be helpful. We will even have some guest writers that we hope you will enjoy! There will be stories from others who have walked similar roads and how the Lord has helped them.

This blog was made in memory of our son, Mason Fritz. Mason was born 13 weeks early on June 16th 2010, and due to a severe genetic disorder, was with us for only four days. He joined our Lord and Savior Jesus in heaven on June 20th. To hear more about Mason's story click here. It is our prayer that this blog will be a source of comfort and encouragement to others who have experienced the loss of a baby, whether your baby lived a short life, or just lived in the womb and was lost through a miscarriage, a stillbirth, or by any other means. The message you'll find here will probably be different from what you'd find on most other sites like this. It may challenge your thinking regarding life, death, God and the Bible. Please examine the Bible for yourself and find comfort and truth in the strength of God's Word.

If you do not already have a copy of "Safe In the Arms of God" and have recently lost a baby, please contact us. We would love to hear about your little one and send you a copy of this helpful book.

Chris & Anna


After the loss of a little one, after experiencing such great sorrow and loss, how can we not help but worry. We worry about the future and the unknown that the future brings. How easy it is to experience something as little as a headache and before we know it we are worrying that maybe it is a symptom of something bigger and life threatening. 

Today I want to share with you a post written by Kara Chupp. Kara blogs as The Chuppies and also shares at The Better Mom. Kara has walked the path of loss that so many of you have experienced. Back in 2008 she and her husband lost their beautiful daughter Selah Noelle who was only 4 months old, to the disease Pompe. Kara knows the worry that loss can bring. She shares...

"Worry is never over.
It’s a constant struggle.
But when I start to sink into a swirling pit of fear,
I want to face and fight the battle–
With Him and through Him.
 …for God gave us a spirit not of fear, but of power and love and self-control. ~2 Timothy 1:7"

Please take the time to read Kara's post "Worry- I Wish I Wasn't So Good At It" over at The Better Mom. I pray that you will be as blessed as I was to hear how Kara keeps her mind and heart on what is true as she encounters fear and worry. 

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